Fury In UK Over Upskirting Legislation Block

There was widespread anger in the UK a few days ago when a politician blocked an attempt to pass a law that would make upskirting a criminal offence.

Christopher Chope objected to the bill on the grounds that not enough MPs were present to vote on it and under a concern about legislation being rushed through without being debated properly.

Campaigners have branded Chope, who has previously voted against same sex marriage, a pardon for the homosexuality prosecution of Alan Turing and an inquiry into equal pay and is also a climate change sceptic, a dinosaur. Which seems incredibly kind for a man who claimed to be upset that his objection had been “misunderstood”.

Chope has also been criticised by many members of his own party, including the Prime Minister herself, who plans to introduce the government’s own legislation. It is unknown whether Chope will object once again.

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