FreeOnes Competition: PornDoe Premium Winners

Yep, you missed it! Sorry about that but we always make sure that you are warned, but some people just won’t be told!

So here are all the winners and what they scooped along the way!

So, what we did was asked you guys a few questions, and you did your best to answer them in hopes of scoring a myriad of prizes! Those questions could all be found for FREE on the official Porndoe website found here!

The questions were:

1. How many sites do you with a subscription to Porndoe Premium?
2. What award did Porndoe Premium win in 2018?
3. If you add up ALL them models on Porndoe Premium, female, make, and TS, how many models do they have total?
4. True or false? Alternative, MILF, Russian Porn, and Female Friendly are all categories on their site.
5. Which two babes love to “ROCK ‘N’ ROLL?”
6. What are the “tits type” and “ass type” of hottie Lucianna Karel AKA Timea Bella?
7. How much is a monthly subscription using our special link?

And the answers we were looking for were:

1. 42
2. 2018 Xbiz Awards Winner Paysite of the year.
3. 1685 models. Give or take a few. They added more!
4. True.
5. Jia Lissa and Olivia Wye AKA Adel Morel
6. Small natural tits and bubble butt.
7. 14.95 (dollars, euros, hylian rupees, whatever.)

Up for grabs for prizes were:

1st Place 1 Month membership and 1x DVD
2nd Place 1 Month membership and 1x DVD
3rd Place 1 Week membership and 1x DVD
4th Place 1 Week membership and 1x DVD
5th Place 1 Week membership and 1x DVD
6th Place 1 Day membership and 1x DVD
7th Place 1 Day membership and 1x DVD
8th Place 1 Day membership and 1x DVD
9th Place 1 Day membership and 1x DVD
10th Place 1 Day membership and 1x DVD

On top of that, we gave a bonus of 25 extra credits and a chance at DVDs for posting your favourite pic off the Porndoe Premium website in the contest thread! We picked one lucky bonus participator to score 4 DVDs! Yep, we had 10 winners for this one! Very generous of Porndoe so big thanks to them!

OK, winner’s time! Our 10 lucky winners were:

1. Pornfan99
2. narins790
3. jamernmac
4. uaplayboy
5. prisma342000
6. highonlifenyc
7. COIN92
8. bamadawg1129
9. jerome20886
10. juanantonio

And our bonus winner for 4 more DVDs is: SigersonLTD_1960!

Well, there you have it! We’ll be hitting you guys up about the DVDs so please stick near the board! Have your top choices ready for us! They are:

Badtime Stories  Bangin Belles 2  Break Me 
Foreign Affairs  Homegrown Putas  My First Porn Audition 

Putas in Public  rebound Sluts  Ripe for Fucking 
Rotes Ramazamba  Rucksitzluder  She needs a Ride 

Strassen Raudies  Wet Solos 

Didn’t win? Well, you can still get a fat 50% off discount to Porndoe Premium here! And stay tuned for our next contest!

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