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Joanna Angel’s Debut Novel Tops Amazon Chart

Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Photo courtesy of Joanna Angel’s official website

There really seems to be no end to the talents possessed by Joanna Angel.

Performer, producer, webmistress, businesswoman, musician – and now a novelist. And a best-selling one at that, as she tops the lesbian erotica chart on Amazon.

She’s also doing a short tour of venues to promote and do readings of Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy. Details of these can be found here.

She seems to be one of those people who either never sleeps or has more hours in the day than the rest of us. I want more hours! Or to not have to sleep! Tell us your secret, Joanna!

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Burning Angel Launches New VR Site

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017


Photo of Joanna Angel courtesy of Joanna

Burning Angel has become the first specialist alt porn site to launch its own VR site as it unveiled Burning Angel VR last week.

They have teamed up with a leading virtual reality production company for the venture which has seen them release 16 brand new and exclusive movies at their launch, with more promised on a weekly basis.

It’s safe to say that I’m pretty bloody excited about this!

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Live Show: Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts

Friday, December 30th, 2016


Both photos courtesy of Burning Angel – full galleries here and here

Hey, remember a few days ago when Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts did a live show together and it was pretty much the hottest thing that has happened all Christmas?

Well, if you wanted another dose of that then we are all in luck because that’s exactly what’s happening today from 5pm PST. The first show was completely awesome, so if you even entertain the thought of missing this one, you’re crazy.

You can watch it right here.

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Live Show: Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts

Monday, December 26th, 2016


Both photos courtesy of Burning Angel – full galleries here and here

Pornstar Camhouse have a sparkling Christmas gift for you, especially if you like tattoos and sexy alt babes!

OK, it may be a day late but it’s still technically Christmas. And besides, who wouldn’t like a bonus gift? I certainly would, especially if it’s brought to you in the shape of a live cam show starring Leigh Raven and Nikki Hearts.

Two of porn’s hottest alt babes, together in the same live cam shows for what I believe is the very first time? Yeah, I’m on board with that.

It starts at midday PST and you can see it here.

BREAKING NEWS – hey, if for some reason you can’t make this show, or you just want to see them together again (like I do), there will be a reprise of this show from 5pm PST on December 30th which you can see courtesy of WildOnCam right here. Put it in your calendar now or, if you forget, there will be a blog entry up on that very same day to give you a nudge. Awesome bomb!

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RazorCandi Launches Kickstarter For New Book

Thursday, September 8th, 2016


Photo courtesy of RazorCandi’s official website

The gorgeous alt adult model, artist and all-round awesome person RazorCandi has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new book she is writing.

A coffee table art book that focuses on her own work and art, she is looking to raise $7,400 for it. She has currently raised around $1,800 and there are 18 days left of her campaign.

I’d love to read it and I know that you would as well so why not join me in chipping in a few bucks? You can do that here.

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Live Show: Lily Lane

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016


Photo courtesy of Evil Angel

The tattooed, busty and highly sexy Lily Lane is the lady who has been plucked out by WildOnCam for today’s live cam show, and I would suggest it’s one that you will not want to miss.

Now I know I say that pretty much every time but on this occasion I speak from experience of her last live show which, was to put it quite bluntly, fucking awesome!

So I will be front and centre from 5pm PST today because I do not want to miss the reprise! Believe me, neither will you, so come along and see her right here.

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Live Show: Jarushka Ross

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016


Photo courtesy of Karup’s Older Women

The big boobed blonde and tattooed Czech goddess Jarushka Ross is the latest lady to step up to the plate to do a live show for Immoral Live – and we’re pretty sure we can hear you all queuing up to watch her already!

And that’s no surprise. The 32 year old Prague native has proved to be a very popular addition to the FreeOnes database since she was added only just over half a year ago, so we know many of you can’t wait to see her going live!

That opportunity will present itself from 2pm today and you will be able to watch the action unfold right here.

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Live Show: Katrina Jade and Lily Lane

Monday, February 8th, 2016


Photos courtesy of Brazzers and Evil Angel

It’s a very busy couple of days for those of you who like watching very hot live cam shows – there are lots of them going on, and all of them are as hot as each other!

But what do we have to tell you about if you have a preference for more ‘alternative’ and tattooed babes? Well, the excellent people at Pornstar Camhouse have a treat for you!

They have called upon the services of Katrina Jade and Lily Lane to join together for a live show where they will be ready and willing to show off their ink – and a lot more besides, we’re sure!

They kick off their show at 8:30pm PST and you can watch it here!

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Burning Angel Release The Nightmare Before XXXmas

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015


What’s this?!

First things first. Have you seen The Nightmare Before Christmas? If not, then go ahead and do that right now. No, RIGHT NOW. Then when you’ve finished, come back here.

Alright, all done? Great, wasn’t it? Of course it was, I recommended it. But I’m not the only one! Joanna Angel is also a big fan, so much so that she has made a pretty awesome porn parody of it.

Not only is the movie in question an awesome piece of porn, as you would expect from Burning Angel, but it’s also as faithful to Tim Burton’s original as a porn movie can be!

If you head along here you can see a superb trailer for it or, if you want to see a trailer that’s a little bit safer for work, there’s one on YouTube right here.

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Vice Interview: Daniel James

Saturday, November 14th, 2015


Photo courtesy of Spit Magazine

There is an excellent and revealing interview with the porn star Daniel James from Vice that really does show that site’s commitment to cover the outer fringes and ‘alt’ areas of porn.

I think aside from the obvious references to his disability and how that affects his sex life, it’s especially interesting to hear him talk about so-called ‘alt porn’.

As the writer points out, it’s a very blanket term that is used for basically any porn that isn’t mainstream sex scenes from the big name companies.

So large a category, in fact, that it’s of practically no use to anyone, especially as it seems to have been used differently by different sites, companies and people.

Anyway, back to James, it will be interesting to see if the exposure he gets here will lead to a greater awareness of disabled porn actors and whether more people with disabilities will be inspired to take up the profession.

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FreeOnes Exclusive Interview: Dollie Darko (Part 1)

Saturday, November 14th, 2015


We have managed to procure yet another exclusive interview with one of the hottest adult stars around, and this time the subject is the delicious Dollie Darko!


1.) How did you get your start in the adult industry?

I wanted to fuck James Deen so I signed up to do a scene with him on his site. I never expected to get a response. Within a few months I shot with him 4 times.

2.) Is making porn currently your only job? Or do you do something else on the side?

I’m a stripper full time.

3.) How did you choose your stage name? Is this your first stage name or have you had others?

I started out as Dolly and later changed it to Dollie Darko (a play on the movie Donnie Darko). I liked Dolly bc I’m a fuck doll.

4.) What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while on the job?

I’ve seen a dildo fly off of the end of an electric drill and launch across a room!

5.) What do you think is the best and worst part of your job?

The best part is being able to get paid to be a huge slut. There is no worst part!

6.) Do you have any role models within this industry? If so, what makes them special to you?

I wouldn’t say I have role models but I do have a few favorite performers. Dana DeArmond is one of my favorites. I love the energy she puts out.

7.) What was the first porn you ever watched?

Geez.. This is awkward. It was a VHS tale of Samantha Foxxx and I don’t remember what it was called.

8.) Is there anyone that’s retired that you wish you could have worked with?

Christy Mack!

9.) What is the biggest/weirdest object you’ve inserted in yourself to date?

A fist was the largest, a huge gummy worm, cupcakes.. All of these things have been in my asshole

10.) What was being a Suicide Girl like?

Well, I still am a Suicide Girl! I have a new photo set coming out in a few months! I’ve met a lot of life long friends through the site and it’s been an amazing experience.


Part 2 will be along next week and you’ll be able to read all about it here or on the FreeOnes Board. Which, incidentally, is where you can also catch this interview and discuss it with others – head here!

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