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New Stuff On FreeOnes!

Saturday, December 15th, 2018

Hey, no doubt you will have heard and noticed that there are some pretty big changes going on around FreeOnes at the moment!

So here’s one of my bosses and part-time hitwoman for the Mob, Petra, with some more news about what’s going on!

So here we are at the start of Week 49. We just closed out sprint 49 and have started on to Sprint 50 which will end on Dec 17th. What got added to our FreeOnes Beta site?

1. Created the form and very basic functionality to add babes to the system. Unfortunately we can’t open this up to you guys quite yet since the sync goes from the current FreeOnes to So anything added to the beta site will never make it onto the current site. But it’s there!

2. We’ve added the basic Channel functionality to the site, but we’re having some CSS issues so it’s not quite ready for public view. When this functionality is live (hopefully before the end of the week) you’ll be able to go to the Brazzers channel and get all of the content and updates from Brazzers and Brazzers alone. Once this is launched it’ll take some time to get it updates since this is a brand new feature and not all of the babes, photo galleries, videos or links are keyed to the various channels.

3. We’ve added more cam sites to This would be and Live Jasmin. However, due to some API issues on their side we’ve had to temporarily disable them from the feature. Live Jasmin should be fixed this week and I’d still waiting to hear back from Strip Chat.

4. We’ve continued working on getting the ranking done. Since it was taking FOREVER to import the ranking history (this is a LOT of data) we updated the script to make it update since 1 July 2018. We should have everyone’s ranking updated in about 6 days and be able to turn on this feature in the babe profile

5. We’ve continued to work on our Search functionality, including adding boolean search (yes/no, cam/skype, basically this/that). This one has been driving the developer nuts and he had to put it aside and move on to other things. This should be part of this sprint’s update.

6. Researched how to best implement user notifications into the site. This is a BIG feature that touches a lot of areas. Since we never really had a notification feature in the current site, this is going to be an adventure. But, it should also bring a lot of added value to myFreeOnes members when you do things like suggest links, babes, or report different things. Get a notification if someone replies to your comment (future functionality), when you earn credits, etc. Don’t worry, you’ll also be able to decide what notifications you want to keep or ditch.

7. CSS fixes. These are all those little things that aren’t worth mentioning but end up being niggling things that just need to be fixed (for example making the career tags the correct color)

8. Added more gerbils to the wheel that is responsible for creating link thumbnails. As you can see Mia has a few, but there’s a lot w/o thumbnails. That’s why we added more gerbils into that wheel…

9. Added reporting to comments. You need to be logged in to see the report flag. Keep in mind, this is basic functionality. Adding the reasons and whatnot is adding more feature and needs to be done in a later sprint.

10. Added admin functionality to control the new stuff like report comments and create/update channels. I’m not going to go into this since it’s stuff you’ll never see but important and takes development time.

As you can see, we accomplished quite a lot in the last 2 weeks! It’s coming along a little by little! Here’s what we’re tackling in Sprint 50:

  • Some bugs that came up such as breadcrumbs on mobile, css issues, and pagination not working in comments
  • Adding more cam sites to the cam site feature
  • Changing the emoji on the comments to the standard twitter emoji since the native breaks on windows 7 and 8
  • Enabling user accounts (so you can see your myFreeOnes info… you just won’t be able to edit it on yet)
  • Suggesting cast to photo galleries and videos
  • Making a babe a favorite (this should have been done already, but it’s more complicated than we first thought)
  • Adding favorite button on babes, videos and photo galleries
  • Being able to add an avatar (profile pic) to your myFreeOnes account
  • Some babe page improvements (profile, header, etc)
  • A bunch of behind the scenes things that are important but not worth mentioning

That’s it for now! If you have any questions or see any room for improvement make sure to mention it in a post!

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