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Alexis is The Travel MILF- Atlantic City Edition

Friday, May 1st, 2015

I know you all love my Travel MILF series. If you’ve been under a rock and don’t know what it is then read on!

I travel a great deal on business. I don’t like to be alone in my hotel room. So…..I either hook up with other porn people who may be in town or prowl the Swinger sites for capable dick. Or pussy too actually.

The latest release from my Travel MILF series is me doing Atlantic City. The story behind it is the annual week for Porn people to visit. I had yet to meet Moe the Monster and wanted to certify his Monster Cock credentials. After all, I am the Queen of the DDD (Double Digit Dick) Certification Club.

Well, he is now Certified DDD by me and to top things off he fed me a huge, white, sticky, creamy thick load of cum! Just like I like it!

The first part if me with Moe.

Since I was sharing a room with my BFF Sara Jay, we decided to give Rome Major the treat of taking us both on at the same time.

We warned him to eat his Wheaties. Sara and I get off on each other any way but adding a black dick just make things that much better.

I have to say my favorite part was when Sara sat on my face with her sexy ass and rubbed her pussy in my face. All this while Rome fucked me balls deep!

Now tell the truth, how many of you wish Sara Jay would sit on YOUR face?

OK, maybe my favorite part is actually the end. What happened? Well Rome popped his nut on both our faces, then Sara and I swapped his cum by spitting it in each others mouths and kissing to close out the shoot.

The funny thing is we’ve had so much other fun when we didn’t have a camera man. Oh well, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

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Foursome Fucking 4 with Deauxma

Monday, January 26th, 2015

I met Deauxma several years ago and have been waiting patiently to be able to shoot with her. My long wait (and yours) is over as this flick has 2 scenes of the Legendary Deauxma and me together.

The earlier entries in my Foursome Fucking series had me sharing cocks with Lisa Sparks, Kelly Divine, Janet Mason.

Now I finally get to fuck with Deauxma.

We selected one lucky black guy and one lucky white guy to be treated to our MILF pussy. We called our scene “Cheating Lesbians” as Deauxma and I were playing lovers who decided to go for the cock too. We swap both color dicks back and forth and we each get drilled hard.

One guy gets to spudge his load on Deauxma’s HUGE knockers.

I couldn’t resist eating the heavy, thick load of the black guy. This Foursome is a classic scene and you must see us together.

As a BONUS there is another scene that is of Deauxma and I playing Super Heroes. She is Dynamic Deauxma and I am Green Envy. We are bored Super Heroes because there is no crime and we decide to explore each other.

I have to say I’ve waited a long time to taste Deauxma’s pussy and feel those massive boobs.

The BEST part is when Deauxma puts on her trusty Strap-On Cock and FUCKS me deep. I loved watching her fuck me with those big tits in my face.Well people, you can tell I’m getting off on her and the wait was well worth it!

Awesome first time movie with two real life swinger MILF’s.

If you would like the full download version right now then Click Here. And other titles are Here.

Watch the Vid Trailer. Click Here.


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Loading...’s Men In Pain Shoot

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

I had my first shoot with the folks at WOW, what an amazing experience. To start things off  I met my director, Madeline, in the bathroom of all places. And immediately knew we were going to have a good day. What great energy she has, not to mention her captivating smile. It wasn’t until I got home that I found this awesome behinds the scenes interview with her. She is definitely someone I look up – she has mad dom skills.
My Dom skills on the other hand are way rusty (it had been almost 8 years since I’ve been in this role) and I started to get nervous. I really wanted to do a good job and I was worried about not being able to connect with my sub on the set of a movie. Those of you who know BDSM know that the physical part is secondary to the mental part. This was such a different setting for me but knew I just had to throw my jitters away and get down to business.
Being on set with Madeline and 5 Star (photographer and rope handler extraordinaire) really put me at ease. Madeline told me exactly what she was looking for so there was no guessing on my part. And 5 Start, with her easy going style and mischievous ways was just what the doctor ordered. OK, I can go on and on with the love fest, but you get the deal by now.

Daniel was my co-star and definitely a cutie. I was a bit disappointed to learn that he doesn’t really like the role of a sub. But I went with it and had a good time just the same. My role was that of a rich socialite who had been left home alone by her husband one too many times. What does a lonely rich socialite do when she’s alone? She orders herself up a young, green boy to take her frustrations out on. My boy shows up and I immediately order him to take his clothes off. I blindfold him, gag him and tie him up for some corporal punishment. It was an intense flogging scene.

Scene 2 was something I had never seen before. 5 Star and Madeline used pet tape to wrap up Daniel arms and legs. He looked like a quadriplegic. Then I put a chain and collar on him and walked him around like a dog. Needing to take out more of my frustrations I put my strap-on on and fucked my little doggie while spanking some barks out of him.

The last scene had Daniel fully suspended over the bed. I was able to turn him 360 degrees and flog every exposed piece of flesh until he turned pink. When he couldn’t take it any longer I lowered him on the bed, fucked him silly, and then jerked him off until he came on my feet. Then I took my feet and wiped his cum all over his face. Now that I was done with him … I kicked him the fuck out.

I’m really looking forward to shooting withKink again. They most certainly have awoken the sleeping giant within me.


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