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My Weekend Arielle Lee

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

I had an awesome weekend!! It was so much fun hanging out with my friends on saturday night. We had a few martinis before heading to the club and I think I had a wee too much to drink. The club was amazing, my friend’s bf was one of the DJs and he rocked the house! The main DJ, Matt Darey was awesome as well! Needless to say, we took lots of photos, which will be up in the candids for your viewing pleasure. 🙂 After the club, we headed home around 4 am. Man.. Sunday was spent recovering. I dont think I even left the house till 5 pm. And that was only cuz I had to. But, I came right back home and rested up and caught up on my Desperate Housewives.. Ahhhh… loved my weekend.

Work has been hard this week. I am STILL recovering from Saturday.. Yeah.. I guess when you get older, you just cant stay up till 5 am!!

This weekend is definitely a chill to the max weekend. But…. I did get invited out on Saturday to some red carpet event.. Hmmmmmmm.. so tempting.

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Hey Guys Arielle Lee is here!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

Hey Guys,

This is Arielle Lee, just saying hello and looking forward to posting here a lot more. But for now, enjoy this photo of me, it’s one of my favories 🙂

XoXo – Arielle

I really like this pic of myself

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