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Duck Tape BlowJob!

Saturday, October 13th, 2007

I was being dominated and there was nothing I could do about it. He put duck tape on my mouth so I couldnt scream at him while he tied my hands behind my back! he cut a hole thru the tape and then stuck his cock through it and made me suck him. I couldn’t handle it.. my eyes were watering and I was gagging! I begged for him to stop but he didn’t… check out the video.. you will see what he did next.


Lori xo

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Winter White Pant set getting naughty at bar!

Thursday, October 11th, 2007

I just got back from Florida at the nude resort so of course my body was tan all over. I hung out in the booth posing for sexy pictures with his hot outfit against my skin. You know how much I love to masturbate so I had a lil’ surprise for the cameraman in my purse… a hot vibrator and I wanted him to watch me fuck myself while he watched! (Im so bad) I ended up getting butt naked and hopping up on the table inserting the toy and cumming all over … it was Mmm Mmm Good!

Luv Lori xo 

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Lori shows how to eat pussy part 3

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Lori Anderson 01-02-07
Whenever you touch a woman’s pussy, make sure your finger is wet. You can lick it or moisten it with juices from inside her. Be sure, by all means, to wet it before you touch her clit because it doesn’t have any juices of its own and is extremely sensitive. Your finger will stick to it if it’s dry and that hurts. But you don’t want to touch her clit right away anyway. You have to work up to that.

Need private clit working lessons? Come see me on cam

Love Lori!

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Lori Anderson pussy eating part 2

Sunday, October 7th, 2007

Lori Anderson 01-03-07

Gently pull the lips apart and look at her pussy lips, even lick them if you want to. Girls have clits in all different sizes, just like you guys have different sized dicks. It doesn’t mean a thing as far as her capacity for an orgasm. All it means is more of her is hidden underneath her foreskin.Spreading a woman’s pussy apart is incredibly intimate. She knows you are seeing her most private parts and this turns her on. Being totally exposed, helps her to show you how much she trusts you.

Cum watch me spread my pussy just for you!

Love Lori

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How to eat pussy part 1

Friday, October 5th, 2007


Lori Anderson 01-02-07

Most women are shy and insecure about their bodies. Even if you’ve got the world’s most gorgeous woman in bed with you, she’s going to worry about how you like her body. Tell her it’s beautiful, tell her which parts you like best, tell her how soft she is, but get her to trust you enough to let you down between her legs.Now stop and look at what you see. Beautiful, isn’t it?

My pussy’s beautiful, too! Wanna see it?

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Lori Anderson free video

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

I hope you enjoy my free preview movie. I have a lot of these movies in my site!

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Fuck me hard!

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

I had this huge black dildo that stuck to the wall and it was totally turning me on and I had to put it inside me so that I could feel how much it would stretch me out. I got soaking wet after each thrust moving back and forth on the big cock. It made me explode and got all juicy with my cum all over it and it was hot. I know that my black thigh highs and fuck me heels will get your dicks hard watching the movie… Mmmm start wanking now mister lets cum together…

Love Lori

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Shoot your load on my toes!

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

This is a happy toe ending when I give a naughty foot job. I made his cock so slippery and rubbed it with my soles of my feet up and down his shaft and then jiggled his balls a little bit making them fill up for this cumshot. For all your foot fetish lovers that love a nice footjob.

Love Lori xoxo

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Lori giving foot jobs

Friday, August 31st, 2007

I get alot of guys emailing me saying they have a feet fetish.. they love my long toes and want to see me jack his dick off with them. I don’t mind making his cock nice and slipery with some oil and then rubbing it up and down making him just ready to shoot his cum wherever it may land on my feet. enjoy you feet lovers theres more to come!

xxx Lori!

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I love to suck you?!

Wednesday, August 29th, 2007

One of my favorite things to do is sucking cock…. I love giving hot deep long blowjobs while I massage your balls and get them all filled up with a nice creamy cum of cum inside your balls. I had sexy french tips on my long nails that were making your shaft feel good. I sucked you so hard that the cumshot deep down my throat as I gagged. It was hot and so was the ending of this episode. Enjoy!

Love Lori

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Lori looking for cock

Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

I was feeling very horny while out of town visiting some friends of mine in South Florida. I had on a sexy baby doll outfit and started to take it off nice and slow so that I could expose my bare essentials. I was hoping to get boned because my shaved pussy was looking for some attention. I took off my see thru panties and ended up fingering myself until I came all over the bed. The dick came next and it was at the right time…

Love Lori xxx

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