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Nina Hartley Interviewed By Cosmopolitan

Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

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The evergreen porn legend Nina Hartley is now 56 and shows absolutely no sign or intention of bringing her career as a performer to a close, according to an interview she has given to Cosmopolitan.

There is a particularly extraordinary paragraph in this interview that I think speaks for itself, and says so much about why Hartley is so highly respected by pretty much everyone in the industry and indeed many outside of it.

“Going back to why I do what I do, I do it for my own jollies, but also because in our culture, sexuality is sick and sick people need a nurse’s care. People are suffering with sexuality, suffering from not being able to be at home in their bodies, at home in their skin. They’re suffering from not being able to make human connections with other people on a healthy and safe and pleasurable level. Dancing in a club that allowed full nudity, full penetration, full girl-on-girl sex, for me it was awesome. It really let me see how much pain men are in and how the men were hungry for information. They were hungry for a woman to show them her vulva and say, “Try this with your girlfriend’s vulva!” They would sit there in rapt attention with their elbows on their knees, taking in every bit of information and realizing that they’re supposed to know everything about pleasing their partner but they know nothing because no one’s told them anything. It is heartbreaking.”

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Nina Hartley To Attend Master Of O Signing

Friday, February 27th, 2015


Porn legend Nina Hartley will be on hand on March 6th to help her husband, the author Ernest Greene, sign copies of his new book Master Of O at The Stockroom in Los Angeles.

The book, a contemporary update of Story Of O has been garnering significant publicity since its release date was announced. The event will also apparently feature readings, a Q&A session, and a promised “evening of elegance” alongside the fetish elite of Los Angeles. Sounds classy!

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Nina Hartley and Ernest Greene Tackle Master Of O

Monday, January 12th, 2015


Recently, the erotic filmmaker and author Ernest Greene published his retelling of the classic Story Of O, called Master Of O. And the author has been able to recruit porn legend Nina Hartley to join him for a reading from his book and a Q&A session at Hustler Hollywood.

The reading will take place at 8pm on January 29th at the venue, and the event is also free to the public! The Q&A session will focus on the novel but also on dominant/submissive relationships in general. Hey, if I lived anywhere near West Hollywood then you couldn’t keep me away from it, that’s for sure!

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