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British Babe Rebekah Dee Going Live!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Rebekah Dee's Official Website

Rebekah Dee is a very naughty girl indeed. She recently revealed that during an official tour of the home ground of football team Arsenal that she did some flashing and promptly stuck them up on her website!

So the prospect of performing live in front of a legion of her fans and official website members probably doesn’t fill her with nerves or dread! Which is just as well for us because we can’t wait to see her performing live on her website for her members tomorrow at 3pm EST – and you shouldn’t miss out either!

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Exclusive interview with Rebekah Dee

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Rebekah DeeRebekah Dee gives an exclusive interview to FreeOnes where she answers some very interesting questions about what it’s like for her working in the adult industry…

What made you decide to start doing porn?
I just sort of fell into it really. My boyfriend is a bit of a pervert and we had had a couple of threesomes with his mate who had heard about a radio competition to find new glamour models. He thought I should enter and took some snaps to send in. Unfortunately our photos were too rude for the competion but they gave us the number of a top photographer who supplies content to Top Shelf magazines so we gave him a call and went to see him. He asked me to strip and walk across the room, which I did and he gave me a shoot date. So I started with magazines and then when the whole internet porn thing took off I decided to set up my own site…..the rest is history!

Have you had any other jobs outside of the porn world?
Sort of….! When I started doing porn I was at university and I spent my summers working abroad in a beach bar in Ibiza. I love the place and so still go every summer to work although I have switched jobs to running a merchandise shop. I also make use of my university degree come January and help a few people out submitting their tax returns. I like to keep my life varied and that way nothing ever becomes mundane!

If someone told you that you could start over completely in a life without porn, would you?
NO WAY! I would end up a stressed out wreck! I need my porn and my w**ks to keep me sane!

Do the people in your personal life know about your profession? Or do you keep that side of you a secret?
Most people do although we dont particularly discuss it. My friends are aware and as most of them are men they dont seem to hold it against me 😉 I generally dont tell new people I meet but if they ask I will not deny it and once I know they are open minded I am happy to divulge.

Do you consider yourself a porn star? Why or why not?
Not a ‘Star’ per se but I am an adult performer. I hardly ever get recognised and thats the way I like it so I dont think I can consider myself a porn star.

What is the hardest part about doing a boy/girl scene?
Hopefully the guys cock? ha ha…just kidding. I dont do boy girl scenes so I cant comment on that. But as far as G/G scenes go I think it is probably getting mentally into it. I am a bit ‘female’ when it comes to sex and to have good sex for me it needs a mental connection which is difficult when you have only just met in make up a few mins before! Of course, I could just fake it but that would be way less fun 😉

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Spreading some love…

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Morning Guys and Girls…..I hope you are all doing well so far today! My sky outside is bright blue for a change and it put me in the mood for spreading some love:



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My warmest thanks and appreciation to all the Freeones board members and others who are voting for me daily – keep it up and I might make that leap into the top 50!  Here’s hoping…..



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Feeling Blue?

Monday, January 18th, 2010

…..Today is officially the most depressing day of the year and there are various websites offering tips as to how to beat “Blue Monday”


1. Soak up the Sun, max skin exposure to help beat SAD


2. Eat the Right Foods – Pussy is a highly nutritous snack didnt you know?


3. Get Outside, soak up the Vit D and get happy!


4. Exercise


5. Avoid Illness with Nurse Rebekah

Has that helped at all?  No need to thank me, I am pleased I could be of service to you HOWEVER if you do feel like showing me your gratitude you could always vote for me today in the Miss Freeones 2010 Competition!

Thanks again to all of you who are voting for me daily…your support is appreciated and wont be forgotten!  There is still a lot of work required to get me in the top 50 and  I will need every single one of you to help me climb that list!

Kisses n Hugs for a Fab Monday!


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Doing it for the Brits!

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Hi Boys and Girls

Just thought I would pop by and say a Big Thank You to all my voters in the Miss Freeones 2010 Competition.  I am currently hovering in the low 100 rankings and would love love love to move up a few places and dare i believe it but even get in the top 50 and go through to the next round!  You have all been fantastic so far in getting me where I am so keep up the good work and I hope I can count on your continued support for the next couple of weeks!  I have been posting some incentive photographs in the thread at Freeones but will paste a couple more here and try to replicate my posts so that blog readers dont miss them!





I do hope you will aid me in my battle to get at least one UK contestant through to the next round….help me fly my flag and I’ll help fly yours?!

Thanks again guys, all your votes are very much appreciated!


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