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See Sabrina Deep LIVE Friday November 11th!

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

OCSM bukkake queen Sabrina Deep has offered to do a 100% FREE show for FreeOnes members! It’ll be this Friday (Nov 11th) at 4pm EST!



So how do you take Sabrina up on this generous offer?

1.) Be a FreeOnes member by registering for a FREE account (click here) OR by joining the FreeOnes Discounts Mailing List (click here).

2.) The day of the show, if you’re a registered member, pick up the link to the show page at myFreeOnes (or receive the link in the next Discounts mailing).

3.) On November 11th, at 4pm EST, click the link and get down and dirty with Sabrina Deep!

Visit Sabrina at her Official Site

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Sabrina Deep Kicks off the World Bukkake Tour 2011 and Challenges Ava Divine and Bree Olson

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

Don’t look now, but a sexual tornado that promises to drop pornstars at your doorstep is about to blow into your town. World renowned erotic superstar Sabrina Deep is ready to take her 2011 World Bukkake Tour around the globe. The WBT kicks off with a first stop in Dueren Germany on May 30th and marks the fourth year of Deep’s global trek as she attempts to spread carnal carnage to as many fans as humanly possible.

“I have been waiting for this moment with great anticipation” says Sabrina. “Travelling the world and getting intimate with my fans is an everlasting orgasm and I believe that this year will be the best tour to date.”

The 2011 World Bukkake Tour will stop in nearly two dozen cities around the globe in coming months including London, Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York and many others. Sabrina will be joined on certain stops by  her sexy girlfriends. Gina Blonde is already slated to share the fun with Sabrina at the Dueren event and plans to make regular appearances on the tour. If all goes as planned, some big name stars will also be joining the tour for some special events.

In addition to anchoring the World Bukkake Tour, Sabrina has issued a friendly challenge to adult film star and former “Goddess” Bree Olson and to the “lady of the lake” of porn Ava Devine. Last November the three adult stars appeared on the Howard Stern Show to compete for the title of “World’s Biggest Whore.” Bree Olson was ultimately named the winner, but Sabrina has a unique rematch in mind.

“Bree and Ava are amazing performers and beautiful women” says Sabrina. “We had a lot of fun in Howard’s studio, together, and since we were there to talk about how hot we are to do our fans, I want to invite both Bree and Ava to come to a World Bukkake Tour stop and get a piece of the action sharing the fans with me: come on girls, call me on 1-646-9185113 and let’s make it happen!”

From its beginnings in London in 2007, the World Bukkake Tour has taken the globe by storm. That first event featured Sabrina Deep taking on seventy seven lucky fans for over eight hours of blistering hot fun. During the first three years of Sabrina’s World Bukkake Tour she has made over sixty stops on three continents entertaining nearly five thousand adoring fans. Last Year’s “Fan Bang” in Los Angeles featured Sabrina with forty fans during a webcast gang bang that was ultimately released on DVD through Loaded Digital.

Join Sabrina Deep for the ultimate fan experience during one of her 2011 World Bukkake Tour stops.

2011 Scheduled Dates
May 30: Dueren – DE
Jun 04: Prague – CZ
Jun 25: Paris – FR
Jun 26: London – UK
Jul 09: Barcelona – ES
Jul 23: Phoenix – USA
Jul 30: New York – USA
Aug 20: Toronto – CA
Aug 21: Toronto – CA
Aug 27: Vancouver – CA
Sep 20: Berlin – DE
Oct 01: Los Angeles – USA
Oct 08: Miami – USA
Oct 14: Dallas – USA
Oct 16: New York – USA
Oct 28: Manchester – UK
Oct 29: London – UK
Nov 12: Budapest – HU
Nov 19: Rome – IT
Jan 06: Las Vegas – USA
Jan 08: Los Angeles – USA

Bree Olson and Sabrina Deep on the sybian

Bree Olson and Sabrina Deep on the sybian

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Watch Out! The Fan Stalkers are Coming

Monday, April 11th, 2011

A Pool of Adult Stars Subvert the Hierarchies of Adult Entertainment.


The adult entertainment industry has long sought to produce quality content for its fans. In turn, porn fans continually chase after a more personalized and intimate adult entertainment experience.

Until now, that has meant video, phone sex or the chance to see a favorite porn star live in a club or at a convention.

Thanks to Fanstalker.Net, all of that is about to change. In an effort
to get closer to their fans, a pool of pornstars led by XBIZ Award
nominated Sabrina Deep ( is embarking on a venture that will change adult entertainment forever. Stepping down from their pornstar pedestals, women like Sabrina, Gina Blonde and other top stars will get closer than ever to their fans, exchanging phone numbers, interviewing them, meeting them in person and even making their ultimate fantasies come true in bed.

“There is something very exciting about getting so personal with fans; it’s like flirting on your first date” says Sabrina Deep. “I have been travelling the world and meeting my fans for the last four years and I have always been driven by this desire to stalk new prey. Now, it is the time to promote this philosophy and to create a new niche in adult entertainment.” is a free site that brings together adult stars who love
stalking their beloved fans. Visitors get a chance to interact directly with the women and keep track of their activities.
The site features live web cam show, worldwide tour dates for personal meetings and, of course, links to web sites and social networking accounts for the “stalkers.” It is also home to FanStalker TV, a web-based entertainment channel featuring both live and recorded material.

Fanstalker Gina Blonde ( is thrilled to be part of the site and this new movement in adult entertainment. “I am very excited to be a fanstalker” says Gina. “As performers we wouldn’t be much without our fans. After hundreds of movies I feel like it’s time for me to stalk a few of my fans and get them in front of the camera and in bed with me.
FanStalker gives me a chance to cultivate a new relationship with
my fans. I don’t want to gain their favor passively: I want to seek
them out, share a slice of my private life with them and work with

Stars who share Sabrina and Gina’s lust for life and passion for their
fans are welcome to join the Fanstalker network and movement and to embrace the enthusiasm of millions of fans throughout the world who want to get closer to their favorite performers. Affiliation requests can be submitted through the Models section on the Fanstalker website. offers webmaster the chance to earn affiliate income by promoting the fanstalkers’ web sites. Webmasters can send traffic to the unique fanstalker program and earn money while promoting stars who give their fans what they have always dreamed of.

Come see the latest porn sensation: hot porn stars who
stalk their fans, only on

Follow Sabrina on Twitter
Follow Gina on Twitter
Follow Fanstalker on Twitter

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Bang Sabrina Deep in Los Angeles

Monday, September 6th, 2010


Hey peeps! This is your chance to fuck me for real and to become a pornstar yourself!

On September 25 i will get bang by 40 of my fans in Los Angeles for an event that will be broadcasted live on the Net and that will become also a DVD produced and distributed worldwide by Metro.

We will take only 40 applicants so hurry up and let’s get intimate in LA!

Click here or on the above banner for more info and to apply

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Stalking my Fans All Summer Long

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

Sabrina Deep Productions announces that on June 21st adult star and fans stalker Sabrina Deep will inaugurate her World Bukkake Tour 2010 in Dueren, Germany, with a gangbang bukkake event co-hosted with Private adult star Gina Blonde. For the third year in a row the opening event will be preceded by a webcam show broadcasted live at on June 12 to share mood, thoughts and expectations about the incoming tour with Deep’s fans and the media. 

“I’m more excited than ever, this year, because the final schedule represents exactly what i had in mind when me and my team started planning the 2010 tour this winter and once again we were able to raise the bar.”, Deep said  “Not only we have added dates where i share the scene with some of my favourite collegues, but we have also added the chance for my fans to film me and direct me.”

The 2010 World bukkake tour will put Miss Deep sexually in touch with her fans in thirteen different cities throughout the world and for the first time it will feature a series of workshop events to give Deep’s fans the opportunity to film Deep’s performances and to own the rights over the material shot.
The tour is set to end with a grand finale event held in Las Vegas on January 5 2011 when the AVN Adult Expo will take off and it will be an open party. Fans can apply to join Deep’s parties at


Jun 12: Live Webcam Opening
Jun 21: Duren – DE
Jun 24: Gelsenkirchen – DE
Jun 26: Frankfurt – DE
Jun 27: Frankfurt – DE *
Jun 29: Amsterdam – NL
Jul 04: Paris – F
Jul 05: Paris – F *
Jul 24: London – UK
Jul 25: London – UK *
Jul 27: Manchester – UK
Aug 25: Toronto – CA
Aug 26: Toronto – CA *
Aug 30: Montreal – CA
Sep 03: New York – USA
Sep 04: New York – USA
Sep 05: New York – USA *
Sep 07: Los Angeles – USA
Jan 05: Las Vegas – USA

* Workshop


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Free Live Show This Saturday

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

sabrina deep

Hey fellows! I’ll be throwing a free live webcam shows on Darteros on Saturday April 24 and i wanted to invite you. When i say free i mean free: no credit card needed, no strings.

I don’t know what i’ll do yet, but i’m still accepting suggestions as long as they are legal and un-hurting ahahahh I’m very excited about this one because i had to go through intensive workout the last few months for a very phisically demanding incoming video project and i’m all toned and pumped up like never before lol

So, come watch me tomorrow and drop me a line there if you have any suggestions. More info here.

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Sabrina Deep Strenghtens the Relationship With Her Fans Releasing Her Phone Number

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

sabdeepSabrina Deep, fan favorite adult star known for privileging the general public over professional actors in her performances, raises the bar of reality porn releasing her phone number to the public.

Though Deep won’t stop performing with professional actors, this move clearly opens new scenarios in the whole adult industry and their raising attention towards giving the fans a more active role in their favorite models career.

“This was planned since the beginning of my career, but first i had to fight the common and yet wrong idea that making the fans part of the action labels you as an amateur,” Deep said. “Now that many performers and producers are slowly understanding that the future of a content-inflated industry resides in giving the general public more options to interact with their favorite stars i have decided to raise the bar and to treat my fans as i would treat my friends: i have always answered every email and every message personally and i have met thousands of fans whom i have performed with,” Deep continues. “but there is not a stronger way to show your dedication for the fans than giving them your personal phone number.”

Deep’s private phone number is available to all her website members at where her fans can also find an up to date schedule of all her incoming trips around the world. Her phone number is not a premium number, but just a regular landline number which can be called at standard rates and which forwards the call to Sabrina allowing her to answer also when she is in a different location.

Follow Sabrina Deep on Twitter at

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Meet Me For My Birthday

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

I’m leaving Toronto in few hours after last night jizz party with my homeland fans. Althought my stay was really short and i’m still jet-lagged, it has been real fun in the last 48 hours and i’m looking forward to the incoming dates (don’t forget to check them at if you would like to participate: it’s free and easy).

But the real reason for this post is that i’m arranging something special for my fans for my approaching birthday (Septemebr 11th), which as usual i want to spend with some of you. A few lucky members of my site will get a direct invitation, but also my Twitter and MySpace friends will get a chance to hit the night with me on September 11th. If you haven’t yet, join me on

Myspace at

and on Twitter at

Heading to the airport, now, and i’m fcuking scared of flying, damn me! Lots of smoochies until next time!


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Sabrina Deep on Howard Stern’s: Pictures

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Heya guys! I thought i’d share a few pictures shot on Howard Stern’s. Was it fun? It was a blast. Thanks to everybody and especially to all my fans who made this possible.



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Exclusive interview with Sabrina Deep

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Sabrina DeepSabrina Deep gives an exclusive interview to Freeones where she answers some very interesting questions about what it’s like for her working in the adult industry…

How did you get your start in the adult industry?
I knew a man, once, who took advantage of my easy-about-sex and show-off attitudes taking some pictures of me playing with a dildo and sending them to some pro photographers; so i found myself posing for German magazines, until I got to know my one and only husband and I started my venture as Sabrina Deep, together with him.

Is making porn currently your only job? Or do you do something else on the side?
Making porn is my only job and my main hobby as well. It’s important that it’s also my fav hobby because this way I can work 12 hours a day without feeling stressed or needing to take a break.

How did you choose your stage name? Is this your first stage name or have you had others?
Somehow it’s my real name. One of my names is Sabrina and Deep is the last name of one of my parents, so the combination of the two seemed a pretty natural choice to make since the beginning and since I don’t believe in recycling, that’s what it is and what will be.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen while on the job?
Oh so many…but recently I have shot a scene with a fan of mine; he is very thin and not the tallest man on earth and he has got one of those fat 9 inch tools which make you gag just to look at it. Well, we ended the scene with him wanking over my face, ready to give me a facial and he stroked his huge willy using just his bony thumb and index fingers. It was so surreal that I couldn’t stop laughing, but since for my own productions I tend not to cut anything of what we shoot and I was clearly putting him off with my hilarity, he changed strategy and opted for shutting me up with a face fuck. Good boy 🙂

What do you think is the best and worst part of your job?
The best part is definetely the action, especially when my fans are involved it’s all shot in one go and lust and fun are kings. The worst part is when I have to deal with girl collegues, in this business the level of enviousness, snobism, unreliability and arrogance among most girls in the porn industry is beyond belief at times. Surely not all of them, but I feel to say that the sincere ones are the exception and this makes me really sad. With this I don’t wanna appear like the exception…get me when i’m pmsing and I might be very bitchy too eheheh

Read the rest of this entry »

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Howard Stern and Sabrina Deep: Together at Last

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Mark your calendars: On Thursday June 25, 2009 at 8:30 am EDT, The King of All Media will host the Queen of Bukkake! Yes, Howard Stern will interview and be titillated by Sabrina Deep, the
sultry sex goddess with full, natural DD breasts. Currently in the
middle of her second World Bukkake Tour – traveling the globe partying with her fans and savoring their cum – Sabrina is taking a break to visit with Howard live on Sirius Satellite Radio.

“I am very, very excited to be on the Howard Stern Show,” says Sabrina.
“In doing so, I am privileged to be joining the ranks of past guests
Jenna Jameson, Mary Cary and Kendra Jade. Like them, I will not be
‘just another porn star’ appearing on the show. I’ll do whatever it
takes to rock Howard’s world , and that of his listeners…!”…

K, that was part of the press release going out these days. The truth is that i’ll be on The Howard Stern Show and that i’m scared to death, but i’ll do my best for shutting the mouth of those who think that only blondies can be dumb 😉 Ciaoooooooo!

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