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Exclusive interview with Terri Summers

Monday, December 15th, 2008

Terri Summers gives an exclusive interview to Freeones where she answers some very interesting questions about what it’s like for her working in the adult industry…

What led you into the porn business?
I started as a Penthouse Pet of the year in Holland, then went on to more magazines, then Michael Raven and Scott Justice invited me to LA…

Did you do anything else before you got into this business?
Soooo many things I had about a 100 differnet jobs from office to hooters to shops!!

If you had the opportunity to erase this part of your life and start over, would you?
I might have done some things different but I love being a pornstar! I love the friends that I have made, and the life I live!

Are you open about your profession with anyone that asks, or are there certain people who you are reluctant to tell?
I am very open, but I won’t throw it in your face, and I won’t talk about it 24/7. It’s a job, not a lifestyle.

How long do you intend to remain in this business? Are you planning on working up until you can no longer find work or is there a particular time line you have?
Well I heard granny sex is very popular these days…I haven’t done milf yet.. so I am in it for the long run;)

There seems to be a general perception that participants in this business live life “in the fast lane,” because to most of us it seems that sex and partying goes hand in hand. With that being said, how do you find the time to get rest with all this excitement going on?
I don’t live the fast life, I have a party like everyone in the whole world, but I have a social life to:)

How much control do you have of your work? Do you get to choose who you work with?
Mostly yes, but I dont go asking for it.

Can you refuse to do scenes with people you don’t click with?
Of course!!!

Do you have your say about the use (or not) of condoms in a scene if you do b/g hardcore?
No I wish!!

What is the best part of your job? The worst?
The people, the traveling, the sex and the money… all that is also the worst..

What is the strangest thing you’ve been asked to do on set? Did you do it?
Ayay.. to many things.. you change your limits every day in this bussiness, what I thought was strange first now might seem normal or interesting.. so I wont answer that question!!

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