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Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

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11.07.2011-15:00 HD CAM Description: As an Office Clerk having sex with a colleague and than pissed all over him.
Contains: pissing, creampie, Satin Clothes Running Time: 50 Mins. See it at: <a href=><strong>></a>

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Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Sex Action in the Public Park – Best Ever Creampi ONLY at .

A month ago I had chosen a quiet place in the Park. Lying and relaxing there when a stranger-backpacker disturbed me demanding a cigarette. I refused to even talked to him. He than pushed be back and tried to rape me. I was at stage of shock. I tried to fight him off. Anyway he overpowered me. After a while when he penetrated me I started to enjoy it. From beggining he fucked me quite hard than he calmed down a bit. Than he pounding his big hammer quicker and harder. It was hurting me slightly. In approximately 5 mins. time I felt something strange inside my pussy – I realised he ejaculated there. That was kind of exposion – huge load. It was dropping from me for a while. It was something special/different for me and … By recalling that I …
Watch it and let me know whether I missed something from there.
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