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Brazzers Makes Free Porn Offer To US Students

Monday, September 4th, 2017

There will be a lot of cynicism around about this – but I happen to think that it’s a wonderful offer and I think that Brazzers deserve a lot of praise for what seems like a genuine offer.

What I would like to see is them extend this offer outside of the US because, you know, people go to university / college all over the world and they generally attend at the same time as in the USA.

You should definitely take them up on this offer, you never know how many spots they might hand out next year!

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Brazzers Releases Overwatch Parody

Saturday, September 24th, 2016


When it comes to talking about modern video games, I tend to have reached pretty much the limit of my ignorance.

So I have no idea what I’m talking about here except to report that the popular video game Overwatch has its first porn parody and it’s Brazzers who have won the race to make it with the release of Oversnatch.

Apparently this game has already courted controversy with people making their own sexually explicit characters in it or something, so Brazzers’ efforts might be superfluous.

But looking at the trailer, it has to be said that it still looks like terrific fun!

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Penthouse And Hustler Hit Back At ‘Mormon Porn War’

Sunday, August 7th, 2016


Porn is under attack, not only from the Republican Party and the religious right in the USA, but also from the Church Of The Latter Day Saints.

But, rather untypically considering the business they are in, Penthouse and Hustler are not taking it lying down. Larry Flynt has already been firing off some very amusing shots at these targets, and now one of his biggest rivals have dedicated a whole issue to fighting back, as pictured above.

It’s important that the whole porn industry joins in with this though. While these two magazines are two of the most visible and iconic names in porn, the younger companies also have to show their support and backing or porn will continued to be chipped away by such figures.

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Brazzers Release Pokemon Go Parody

Saturday, August 6th, 2016


That noise you’ve been hearing in the last couple of weeks is the sound of porn companies falling over each other to get the first Pokemon Go parody out there – and it looks like Brazzers won the race.

Unsurprisingly garnering a fair amount of mainstream recognition as the already phenomenally successful game continues to dominate the lives of anyone who downloads it (I’ve so far resisted but I suspect my eldest daughter will bully me into it within a week), the parody has a pretty amusing trailer for it on YouTube here.

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Wicked Celebrates Suicide Squad Parody With Price Drop

Friday, August 5th, 2016


Well, Suicide Squad may be taking an almighty battering from critics (let’s all laugh at that dude on Twitter trying to get Rotten Tomatoes banned for its bad reviews) but Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Parody certainly is not.

One of the most anticipated porn titles of the year, the movie has just been released and is available for full streaming and download on the official Wicked Pictures website.

And to celebrate its release, we have teamed up with the legendary porn label to negotiate a half price deal on monthly subscriptions. So you should get on that before we all change our minds – and head here!

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Hustler Slashes Site Prices For Limited Time

Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

Watch Free Live Porn Online   Hustler   Best Site for Porn Online

The awesome Hustler are being even more awesome and generous than they normally are right now!

The wonderful people over there have not only offered a whole host of splendid prizes in a special FreeOnes competition but they have also slashed the prices of joining their official website – but only for a short time!

Right now it will only cost you $14.95 for a month’s membership and, because we don’t have any idea when this excellent offer will end, we think it would be prudent if you took them up on the offer now and save any upset later!

Take advantage of it here.

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FreeOnes Competition: Massive Hustler Contest!

Monday, May 16th, 2016


Yeeeaah! It’s competition time and we have hooked up with one of THE biggest names in the history of pornography – it’s none other than bloody Hustler!

Want to find out some more? Here you go, sunshine:-


This one is a biggie! A contest of massive proportions! A contest so big, we’re going to need a bigger boat!

The awesome folks over at Hustler have hooked FreeOnes up with a metric ton of prizes and you guys get to win big packages of said prizes! And we have 5 places that you can place in. Those are really good odds!

And the fun’s already began because we have a special link that gives you 50% off a full membership to Hustler here!

So, ask yourself. Do you want to win a ton of free stuff AND free memberships to the famous Hustler? Read on!

Attention! Read the Rules BEFORE answering the questions below! ONLY send answers to FreeOnes_Contests!!

How To Play

  1. Just answer the questions below the best you can!
  2. Send your answers to FreeOnes_Contests! DO NOT POST THEM IN THIS THREAD!
  3. Everyone that gets them correct gets entered into a drawing. There will be 5 very lucky winners!
  4. Everyone who participates will get 25 myFreeOnes credits, win or lose, they’re yours!
  5. All answers can be found at Hustler! Click here!
  6. Users must have at least 5 posts to participate so if you’re new, get out there and post before the contest ends!
  7. To claim a physical prize, you must give us your mailing address. This is 100% confidential. We never sell or give out your personal information.
  8. Contest is open worldwide!

The Questions

  1. Who was the cover girl for the Hustler March ’16 magazine?
  2. How much is a month to Hustler through our special link?
  3. Name the top 4 most popular porn stars on Hustler.
  4. What are the titles of the 3 most popular (top rated) videos on Hustler?
  5. True of false: you can use a retail store gift card to pay for your Hustler subscription.
  6. How many bonus niche sites does Hustler have?

Bonus question, worth an additional 25 points: Link us your favourite Hustler video found on FreeOnes!

The Prizes

We have a ton of official licensed Hustler gear for you! Here’s the 5 prize packages we have for 5 lucky winners! Each package includes a free membership!


1st Place

Baseball cap
Spank paddle
Hand fan
3 month free membership to Hustler!

2nd Place

Spank paddle
Hand fan
2 month free membership to Hustler!

3rd Place

Spank paddle
1 month free membership to Hustler!

4th Place

Spank paddle
2 weeks free membership to Hustler!

5th Place

Spank paddle
1 week free membership to Hustler!


Contest starts NOW and ends June 1st, 9am Amsterdam time!

Again, do NOT post your answers in this thread!


You heard them, no posting answers in the thread – but you can discuss the competition and anything else Hustler related in said thread here.

Best of luck and all that!

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Penthouse To End Print Publications

Monday, January 18th, 2016


Image of Jane Fonda courtesy of Penthouse

Times certainly are a-changing when it comes to the adult industry’s relationship with the print magazine.

Just a few months after Playboy announced that the pages of their iconic magazine would no longer feature nude models, Penthouse have announced that they are ditching the print version of their legendary magazine.

It seems a pretty inevitable step to me. In fact, I’m surprised that Playboy have decided to continue in print when you consider the likes of FHM have ceased publication altogether.

From now on, Penthouse will be digital only and pretty soon I’ll be surprised if there are any print porn magazines left. That top shelf is going to be gathering dust pretty soon…. 🙁

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Television X Launches Reality TV Spoof

Saturday, November 14th, 2015


Photo courtesy of The Daily Star

As the latest series of tiresome jungle based reality TV series I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! launches here in the UK, a British porn company has a much more interesting series lined up.

Following on from spoofing boring baking show The Great British Bake-Off with The Great British Bonk Off (you can see a trailer for this wonderful creation here), Television X have done it again.

I’m A Porn Star, Get Me Out Of Here! might not have the budget to send their stars anywhere more exotic than a small wood outside Saffron Walden, but I’m already more interested.

Co-hosted by the legendary Linsey Dawn McKenzie and starring the likes of Ella Hughes and Sienna Day, you can see the trailer for this awesome looking production here!

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Wicked Pictures Make Offer To The Bachelorette

Saturday, August 8th, 2015

Kaitlyn Bristowe-20150310-56

Wicked Pictures have joined the list of porn companies throwing out rather cheeky offers to celebrities by making an interesting offer to the star of the most recent season of The Bachelorette.

Kaitlyn Bristowe, pictured above (and well done to whichever dude was chosen by her!), has been told by Wicked that she can have the five male stars from their Magic Mike XXL parody Magic Mike XXXL: A Hardcore Parody dance at her upcoming bachelorette party.

According to XBiz, there is a good chance she will accept their offer after exhibiting a saucy sense of humour during her run on the show. Wicked should do the decent thing and throw in the female stars for her lucky fiance’s bachelor party then, surely?!

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Vivid Continues To Court Celebrities

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015


Vivid are, of course, renowned for grabbing hold of any celebrity sex tape that they can find – and they usually do a pretty good of hoovering up any such tape they can find.

This interesting article on AVN talks about how the porn company are going to continue to try and find ways of inserting more celebrities into their company’s products.

Indeed, they even poll their members and fans about which celebrities they would like to see in future content, with the above pictured Caitlyn Jenner coming out as the most requested celebrity.

I am fascinated by Vivid when they talk about tracking down such stars for their brand. Are they serious and do they truly believe that Jenner or other A-list celebrities would accept an offer from them?

Or is it pure headline-grabbing bullshit from Steven Hirsch? It’s actually quite difficult to tell sometimes – and after all, all publicity is good publicity for a company such as theirs.

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