Exclusive Interview with Carmen Valentina

Carmen Valentina answers some questions about what it’s like for her working in the adult industry…

Why did you decide to start doing porn?
I always had an urge to do porn, and I didn’t do it for the stardom or attention. I began doing it because it was such a turn on/sexual fantasy to fuck in front of others and while having them watch me get an orgasm.

How did you choose your stage name? Is this your first stage name or have you had others?
I chose my stage name with the help of my friends. I came up with Valentina, a Russian showgirl that my best friend worked with in Las Vegas, and that name always sounded so pretty to me. I told my friends to help me come up with a first/last name that would go with Valentina, and my friend Chad came up with Carmen. It flowed so well together, and I loved it and kept it.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen while on the job?
It was during the summer, I was on set and the scene before mine was being filmed. The other couple were shooting a BG gym work out scene in an outdoor garage in 95 degree weather. Everyone was sweating like crazy and the poor talent during the scene kept slipping and sliding off of each other on the workout bench they were having sex on. It was like a porno slip n slide. Pretty soon everybody was falling all over the place. By the end of the scene the entire crew was cracking up, I’m surprised the guy was able to pop but they were all pros and finished the scene.

If you find you’ll be paired with someone new, (that you haven’t met yet) Do you check their scenes out?
Absolutely. I always check their scenes out, to see how they perform, the size of their dick, if they’re a douche, and how they look. Can’t stand guys that are full of themselves. If it’s a girl, I make sure to check out what turns her on in a video and how into she is while performing. If I haven’t met them I usually ask other talent or my agent if they have any info on them.

Do you have any idols or role models within this industry?
Stormy Daniels, Vicky Vette, and Terri Weigel. Stormy is very smart, articulate, a great performer and amazing director. Vicky is a genius webmaster, incredibly smart, one of the sweetest people out there that is really committed to her fans and the girls who are in her network. Terri is a legend in the business. One of the sweetest people out there and her cooking is amazing as are her blowjobs (so I’ve heard).

What was the first porn you ever watched?
Back when VHS was popular, I was walking home and saw this tape on the sidewalk. I got home put the VHS in the player, and then this chick pops on the screen masturbating with a banana which then went into a gangbang scene. Lol. Can’t remember the name of it but if I ever find it again I’m buying it!

Is there anyone that’s retired that you wish you could have worked with?
Christy Canyon. She is hot, and did amazing scenes. I would have loved to get in bed with that porn legend.

What is the biggest/weirdest object you’ve inserted in yourself to date?
I fucked myself with a broomstick once. I was cleaning the house, and I was feeling super frisky. I realized that my toys weren’t there, so then I looked down, and saw the best toy ever, Mr. Broomstick. It was amazing.

Do you find dicks sexy, or just a tool to get the job done?
Well I love cock first and foremost, (especially when they are hard and trimmed/clean shaven) for the most part they are usually attached to someone. I can usually always find something sexy about everyone and there are certain things about different people that I am attracted to.  There are guys that are hot and there are guys that I find sexy regardless of their looks. The same goes for the dick. You can have an amazing cock but if the dude attached to it is an asshole I’ll pass. There are plenty more out there.

How do you unwind after a day on set?
I go eat some sushi, and then I get home and crash on the couch and watch TV.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
I’m pretty laid back so my story probably pales in comparison to others. I went to a gay bar with my two best male gay friends. We were all getting pretty hammered, I kept calling the bartender to get more drinks but more as an excuse to get his attention. He was cute, I didn’t know his name so I just called him Ricardo. With enough drinks in me, I hop on the bar, he gets on the bar with me, and we start grinding away dry humping each other and posing in as many different sexual positions that we can think of. We made some pretty good money in tips so we must have made an impression on the crowd.

Do women really have orgasms fantasizing about shopping?
I’m not the chick who gets off on shopping. I’m pretty low maintenance. But I do have some girlfriends who love going to the mall all the time and I swear shopping makes their pussies wet. So I’m not saying it can’t happen. I should probably stalk a few dressing rooms at Victoria’s secret and see if I can make someone’s fantasy come true.

Do you dream often? Is it color or black and white?
I always dream in color, and I do dream often, but like everyone else, I usually don’t remember all the details.

Do you like the great outdoors?
I love the great outdoors if its in the mountains. I used to be a girl scout, and every summer we would go camping outside of Las Vegas in Mount Charleston. There is nothing better then a great mountain view and cool summer weather.

Ninjas or pirates?
Without a doubt Ninjas because they have better skills, smarter, and they know how to plan an attack.

If you only got one more meal, what would it be?
Steak filet with garlic mashed potatoes sprinkled with gold…hey it’s my last meal, might as well make it expensive.

What’s the weirdest fact that you know?
Men are 6 times more likely to be struck by lightning than women. Maybe because we have more common sense?

Do you have any future ambitions?
I have a bachelors degree in Illustration and art has always been a part of my life. So anything art related is what I plan on doing in the future. I do some freelance graphic design now and I am working on a t-shirt company in the future. Would love to direct one day. I put together the scenes for my own site, and try to make them entertaining and sexy. Watching Stormy Daniels direct features for Wicked was amazing and inspiring. Hope to do it at that level one day.

Is there anything else you’d like FreeOnes visitors to know about you?
I love Freeones! Love how you guys can bring such a large community together. I love making new friends and meeting fans. Absolutely love hearing what turns people on and hearing their input on my sites and scenes. I’m addicted to twitter and am constantly on it. Interacting with fans is the most important thing for me being an entertainer in the adult industry.  I avoid negativity. There is already so much of it to go around without me adding to it. So keep in touch, come say hi in person or online. I’ll keep letting you watch me have sex if you promise to keep stroking it;)

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