PSA Recruits Monique Alexander To ‘Give The Talk’

Photo courtesy of AdWeek

As the father of children who will be at an age fairly soon where certain chats will have to be had about things of a sexual nature, I myself have been thinking recently about how to approach the subject.

One of the biggest concerns for many people is that porn might teach their kids some wrong behaviours before they have had the chance to talk to them about sex.

So, step forward porn queen Monique Alexander to offer some advice to parents on how to tackle the subjects of sex and porn. And, as revealed by AdWeek, her input is part of an official PSA campaign.

That this brilliantly conceived idea has been thought up and brought to life under the current regime of porn suppression and intolerance in the USA amazes me – let’s hope it’s given the chance to do some good before the moaners get wind of it.

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