FreeOnes Competition Results: Karups

You’re too late! I warned you and now you went and missed out on some goodies from one of the greatest porn sites of all time. If you did take part, maybe you’re a winner? Check it out!


Now, as a reminder, this thread is to announce the winners of our Karups Contest. You can see the original thread here.

Before we announce the lucky bastards who scored some free memberships and gear, let’s quickly go over the questions and answers!

The questions were:

  • What does KarupsHA stand for?
  • How many videos are in the Karups Private Collection?
  • What team uniform is model “Bridget” wearing in her October 24th release?
  • How much is a 30 day membership to Karups with our special discount?
  • Post at least one image that you think is hot from Karups in this thread!

Bonus: For 25 addition free credits win or lose… what model stars in the scene called “The Handy Man?”

And the answers we were looking for were:

  1. Karups Hometown Amateurs
  2. 6802 (though this changed as updated were being added, so we took everything from 6700 and on.)
  3. Cowboys, though we accepted cheerleader on account of they are hot.
  4. $13.25/19.99 depending on your country.

Bonus answer: Lauren Phillips

The prizes were:

1st place: Free 3 month membership to Karups, a Karups shirt, a Karups hat and a pair of panties!
2nd place: Free 2 month membership Karups, a Karups shirt and a Karups hat!
3rd place: Free 1 month membership to Karups and a Karups hat!

And our lucky winners were………


1st: belltop 
2nd: COIN92 
3rd: Pornfan99 


And there you have it! Those of you who didn’t win can still score the special discount on Karups here!

And keep your chin up, we’ll have a new contest before you know it so don’t forget to stick around!

We’ll be deposting your credits over the next couple days to please be patient! We’ll also be contacting the winners, so be sure you answer when we hit you up! Until then, have fun fapping to them titties! Until next time!

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