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Brent Corrigan Attacks King Cobra Movie

Thursday, April 21st, 2016


Photo courtesy of Brent Corrigan / Gay Times

The subject of newly released movie King Cobra, which has received rave reviews after its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival, has lambasted the film and claims that it “bastardises” his life.

Brent Corrigan also claimed that the filmmakers were not interested in his take on the story and were only interested in presenting their own version of his life.

I always find this a difficult subject and I think in the case, with the film being made with a largely straight crew and cast, it’s especially so. I wouldn’t ever expect a Hollywood film like this to tell much of the truth and would always go into such a film only expecting a piece of entertainment.

Even so, I can understand Corrigan’s frustration, perhaps more so in the light of James Franco’s comments that he regards himself as a “gay cock tease”. Idiot.

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King Cobra A ‘Hit’ At Tribeca

Monday, April 18th, 2016

2016 Tribeca Film Festival

Photo courtesy of

James Franco’s biopic about the rise of gay porn actor Brent Corrigan, titled King Cobra, has premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival to enthusiastic reviews.

The film, which stars Christian Slater, Alicia Silverstone and Molly Ringwald, continues Franco’s dalliances with projects about the porn industry recently.

After his production company produced the documentary Kink, about the porn studio of the same name, he then joined the cast of The Deuce, David Simon’s pending drama about the porn industry in 1970s New York.

Franco is a polarising figure with many people but he is at the centre of a number of respectable projects about porn, and as such he has my respect right off the bat!

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New York Politician Calls MMA ‘Gay Porn’

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

So, MMA has finally been legalised in the state of New York, leading to celebrations amongst the MMA community.

But, as reported by USA Today, not everyone was in favour of the move. Indeed, assemblyman (sounds like a really crap superhero) Daniel O’Donnell, who is not the crap Irish warbler, opposed the move and likened the sport to something akin to gay porn.

Now I’m no MMA fan, I’d rather watch paint dry. But I’m pretty sure it’s inappropriate for a politician to state that he needed a ‘cold shower’ after watching some recently.

Mind you, he is the brother of Rosie O’Donnell, so one can’t be surprised about him saying stupid shit as a result.

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YouTube Star Admits To Gay Porn Past

Monday, January 18th, 2016


Photo courtesy of Calum McSwiggan / Pink News

This story about a popular YouTube vlogger who has revealed that he made a number of gay porn videos has given me some mixed feelings, I must say.

Although he’s quite right that just about anyone should think carefully before deciding to shoot adult content, I do think the negative messages he sends out towards the porn industry are ill-judged coming from a self-styled sex education ‘expert’.

Even more so considering some of the high profile charities he’s worked with. Instead of titling his ‘coming out’ video as ‘I Did Gay Porn & I’m Sorry’, and sending out scare stories that the porn industry preys on the young and naive, how about actually educating people on his experiences?

Because there are some people out there who may not have ‘passion’ for working in porn but genuinely see it as their most viable option for making money. His experiences and advice on how to approach such a career could be vital to such people, rather than resorting to hackneyed headlines.

Overall, it’s a pretty disappointing response from a respected voice who has the ear of many young people and an opportunity missed.

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‘Gay For Pay’ Documentary Causes Stir

Saturday, December 12th, 2015

A New MTV  True Life  Features Gay Porn Stars Who Are Straight

Screenshot courtesy of MTV

MTV’s True Life series of documentaries has received a fair amount of critical acclaim for the diversity of the subjects it covers, even though it’s a channel on which they should be playing MUSIC!

Their latest offering covers the ‘gay for pay’ porn performers out there, focusing especially on the careers of two young guys and their personal lives as well as their professional ones.

It’s always interesting to me that such a fuss is made about ‘gay for pay’ as nobody bats an eyelid when a straight woman has sex with another woman in porn. Yet when it’s guys it’s a completely different matter.

Time we changed that perception, isn’t it?

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Yusuf Mack Withdraws Accusations; Comes Out As Bisexual

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015


Photo courtesy of Getty Images / Scott Heavey

It’s been an interesting few days if you’ve been following the occasionally bizarre Yusuk Mack story.

Perhaps the final twist in this story comes, however, as Mack withdrew his accusations that he was drugged before being unwillingly coerced into a gay porn scene under the threat of legal action, according to The Courier Mail.

However, that’s not all, as Mack took the opportunity to come out as bisexual. It’s a shame that it’s happened as a result of this mess but there’s a chance for real positivity to be gained from this – how many boxers, past or present, have come out? He has a real chance to be a rare LGBT representative in the sport.

Firstly, however, Mack plans to write a book about his gay porn experiences. It’s all coming back to him now, it seems!

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Sir John Gielgud Gay Porn Script Uncovered

Sunday, November 1st, 2015


I’ve been doing this blog for a fair few months now, but I apparently still haven’t lost the ability to be completely taken aback by some of the stories I cover.

Because, once again, the last thing I expected to discover is that the legendary British theatre, TV and film actor Sir John Gielgud once penned a gay porn film called Trouser Bar.

The film was never shot (as we would probably have heard more about it!) but the existence of the script was discovered recently and has been belatedly turned into a full length feature by the documentarian David McGilivray, despite objections from Gielgud’s estate.

You can find out more about this on AVN.

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Yusuf Mack ‘Does Not Remember’ Gay Porn Video

Saturday, October 31st, 2015


Photo courtesy of Associated Press

One of the most intriguing news stories of the last week when it comes to the world of porn surrounds the strange tale of boxer Yusuf Mack and his appearance on a gay porn website.

If you’ve missed this story, Dawg Pound USA posted footage of the former light-heavyweight professional boxer participating in a threesome with two other men.

However, Mack has since alleged that he was drugged and tricked into the shoot, was misled that it would be a heterosexual porn shoot, and claims to have no recollection of the shoot at all.

It’s interesting to see Dawg Pound USA standing their ground so strongly on this matter and, certainly, considering their respected position within the porn industry, it would be very surprising if they were guilty of what Mack accused them of.

A story that has many twists and turns in the pipeline, we would suggest.

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Jarec Wentworth Jailed For Six Years

Thursday, October 29th, 2015


The gay porn star Jarec Wentworth has been jailed for around 6 years and ordered to pay restitution to a technology tycoon and Republican activist who he tried to extort last year.

According to USA Today, Wentworth tries to extort $500,000 and a luxury car from Donald Burns, who has already paid him thousands of dollars for sex sessions between 2013 and 2014.

Burns, who contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to a fund that would stop same sex marriages from being allowed in the state of Florida, also paid other escorts and porn stars large sums of money for sex sessions after being introduced to them by Wentworth during the period.

It’s unclear when Wentworth will be eligible for bail.

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Brent Corrigan Refuses King Cobra Co-Operation

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015


Photo courtesy of Cobra Films

Gay porn actor Brent Corrigan has spoken to Pink News about his reasons for turning down a chance to co-operate with the makers of an upcoming film about the murder of his porn company’s boss.

Bryan Kocis was murdered back in 2007, and James Franco’s movie, King Cobra, will be made without Corrigan’s co-operation despite the casting of Garrett Clayton as him in the movie.

It’s understandable for Corrigan to take this stance. He talks about how the crime still haunts him and how he really felt like he couldn’t have any involvement in it.

Nonetheless, it should be an interesting one to look out for. Franco has been heavily involved in projects surrounding porn lately – his documentary Kink and the upcoming David Simon drama The Deuce are other such productions.

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Mr. Pam Talks About Directing Gay Porn

Saturday, October 24th, 2015


Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan

Such is the wealth of excellent articles about porn around these days, even Cosmopolitan are weighing with some great ones. Their latest is a piece by female gay porn director Mr. Pam.

She talks about her experiences directing gay porn, how she got into the business and, most interestingly of all, about her opinions on the usage of condoms in porn.

Always a hot topic in the industry, her opinion is that everyone should wear one as it’s better to be safe than sorry and that everyone should just presume somebody to have something.

Certainly, you can see her point, but a viewer’s perspective is almost certainly completely different on the subject. Nonetheless, the viewer isn’t putting their life in danger, so it’s an interesting perspective – and just an interesting piece full stop.

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