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Porn Clip: A Spoonful of Sugar….

Thursday, February 14th, 2019

My mum once told me that when she was a kid, her family was so poor that they had sugar sandwiches for lunch many days.

That doesn’t really explain the fake moustache in this clip though.

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Gay Porn Stars Team Up To Urge Voting

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

The award-winning gay porn star Bruce Beckham has created a video with a number of fellow stars to urge people in the US to vote in the midterm elections today.

As you can see above, he roped in a number of other big name stars for the video. It has been shared across social media and Twitter especially.

There are various other election day porn promotions going on as well – see if you can spot any!

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Will Young Reveals ‘Addiction’ To Gay Porn

Thursday, June 1st, 2017


You can add the UK pop star Will Young to the list of celebrities who have opened up about a porn ‘addiction’ ruining their personal lives, as detailed on PinkNews.

I think I’ve spent enough time citing sources and offering my own opinion on this subject, so I don’t believe I need to rake over that ground once again.

But, and I speak this time not as someone who has never liked Young’s music one iota and would rather insert a knitting needle in my ear, do we really want to pay attention to someone who claims his porn addiction was cured by a shaman?

I might have let him off if he’d been cured by The Shamen though. Lovely.

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Didgeridoo Porn Slammed As ‘Culturally Offensive’

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017


Now, I know what you’re thinking. Your mind is racing as to exactly how the didgeridoo in this story was used as a sex toy.

Well, it’s almost certainly not as explicit as you think, let me just say. You can either be relieved or disappointed at that news, you must choose what suits you best!

As for whether this is racist and a form of cultural appropriation? All I would say to the people who think that’s the case is that you’ve clearly never seen any porn in your life if you think THIS is offensive….

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Brent Corrigan – In His Own Words

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017


The release of James Franco’s King Cobra, which purports to be loosely based on the life of gay porn legend Brent Corrigan, has been the subject of controversy for several reasons.

But little of the controversy has taken much notice of Corrigan’s opinion on the project – and his feelings towards Franco in the way he chose to make it.

He looks to redress the balance in an interview with AVN that is definitely worth reading. It’s an excellent and heartfelt interview and I recommend it very highly.

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Mike Pence ‘Gay Porn’ Hoax Sweeps Twitter

Thursday, November 24th, 2016


Homophobic vice president elect Mike Pence was the subject of a widespread rumour earlier this week on Twitter when an image circulated that appeared to suggest that he was a gay pornstar when he was younger.

However, as revealed in Pink News, the photo was actually of former gay porn star Brad Patton. Pence is also an advocate of conversion therapy, and one wonders why people are not as worried about him as they are of Donald Trump.

Still, let’s hope he saw this circulating on Twitter and it put him off his dinner or something. Small victories.

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Gay Website Debunks Gay Porn Myths

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

If ever the porn industry, and more specifically the gay porn industry, needed to read something important about its product, then it’s with this superb article from Gay Star News.

Even as someone who only reviews gay porn sites occasionally, all of the points they make here are very recognisable indeed, and I think it’s an article that should be read and absorbed by everyone, not just those in porn.

And good on them for writing in particular on ‘gay for pay’ – a subject that I think is worthy of far wider discussion than it currently gets.

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Fox News Anchor Becomes Gay Porn Star

Tuesday, October 25th, 2016


A former Fox News and CBS News anchor who was ditched by bosses in 2013 after being told he was “unlikeable” has forged ahead with a new career – in gay porn.

Jim Walker has now become Dallas Steele, in the process becoming one of the most sought after stars in gay porn, as revealed in Pink News.

It’s certainly an interesting change of career – I wonder just how much coverage Fox News will give to his change of career? Probably very little. And that’s for the best, we don’t want Bill O’Reilly getting any ideas, do we? :/

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King Cobra Publicity Drive Continues Apace

Monday, October 24th, 2016


Despite a distinctly downbeat reaction to the movie’s trailer and mixed reviews to the movie on the festival circuit, James Franco is pushing on with a heavy publicity drive for his controversial King Cobra.

I must say that he’s not necessarily courting controversy on the run-up to its release, but he is courting being openly mocked by claiming to be a “little bit gay” and “gay on screen but straight in my private life” in various interviews he has given.

I am sort of starting to see why the guy has such a lengthy trail of detractors and haters who follow him wherever he goes. Nonetheless, it should still be an interesting film, but expect more nonsense like this in the coming weeks.

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New Study: “21% Of Straight Men Watch Gay Porn”

Thursday, October 13th, 2016

Another interesting article about porn has appeared in the pages of Cosmopolitan this week – with this one revealing that a new study shows that a fifth of straight men regularly watch gay porn.

Interestingly the article doesn’t come to any conclusions as to why this might be, only suggesting that it’s because a great deal of heterosexual men like to hook up with other men. Which, surely, would mean they are not straight!

Of greater interest is the fact that over half the gay men surveyed watch non-gay porn on a regular basis, quite often due to their attraction to the straight men performing in it.

Interesting information and if the porn industry had any sense, it would actually bear it in mind when making future porn and sites.

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King Cobra Trailer Released; Causes Immediate Controversy

Thursday, September 29th, 2016

James Franco’s biopic about the legendary gay porn actor Brent Corrigan has received its first trailer, which you can see above – and it’s fair to say that the response to it has been mixed.

Corrigan had already openly disassociated himself from the movie several months ago, and now the trailer has received a poor response YouTube with almost half of the ratings giving a thumbs down.

Franco seems to be a somewhat polarising figure amongst many people, causing outright hatred with many. I don’t think I’ve been exposed to him or his work enough to understand why this is the case – but this trailer? It’s…. not the best, let’s just say.

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