Exclusive interview with Kerry Louise

Kerry LouiseKerry Louise gives an exclusive interview to Freeones where she answers some very interesting questions about what it’s like for her working in the adult industry…

What made you decide to start doing porn?
I was working in a bank – bored! So started stripping but still not sexually satisfied so I thought fuck it! I’m going to get paid to fuck!

Did you ever watch porn before doing it yourself?
Yes I love porn!

Why is it, do you think, that women aren’t into watching or looking at porn like men are? What steps do you think the industry needs to take to attract women customers?
As far as I am aware women love porn as much as guys – Am I missing something?

Are you open about your profession? Or are there people that you’d rather not tell about what you do for a living?
Everyone knows what I do even my family. I’m proud of my chosen career.

How did you choose your name within the industry?
It’s my legal name. I’ve been a glamour model for 6 years so just stayed with my name.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen while on the job?
A director wanking in front of me… HAHA I egged him on ofcourse.

What’s the best part of your job? The worst?
I love my job because I get to fuck hot guys infront of an audience and turn on the nation… The worse is the haters 🙁

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and do you think it’s possible/easy to live a healthy relationship while being a pornstar?
I’m currently single and fully intend to stay that way as my main focus is my career.

Do you remember your first kiss?
Yes I was about 10 with a guy called Michael.

What are you wearing right now as you answer this question?
A grey vest and panties.

What’s your ideal date?
I like to go to a spa and also take my Chihuahua Charlie

Most awkward thing someone has ever said to you right after sex?
I couldn’t understand them they where struggling to breathe 😉

What kind of things disgust you?
People with poor personal hygiene, and animal cruelty.

Separating sex from love. Is it easy for you?

Do you have any interesting hobbies?
Scuba diving!! Ever since I did a scuba diving scene!!

Because an inquiring (and rather odd) mind wants to know: What is better. An armadillo fighting a shark or a sea bass trying to do the high jump??
Armadillo’s can’t go underwater !!

Do you have any pets?
Yessy a Chihuahua called Charlie.

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to break into the adult industry?
Yes, don’t email pornstars for an easy way in, if it’s something you want you will achieve it.

Do you have anything else you’d like FreeOnes visitors to know about you?
Hey guys! I am so lucky I have all of you – U keep me sane! Keep an eye on my blog www.kerrylouisexxx.blogspot.com/ And await my new adult site www.pleasekerrylouise.com/

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