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What’s New with the New Freeones Build Vol. 4

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

It’s January and we’ve survived the holidays over here at FreeOnes as well as AVN last week (myself and one of the developers went). So between the holidays and having to go to the states for a week, there wasn’t a lot of rapid development but we have gotten some big things completed over at!

One of the biggest things we’ve done is add another developer to our team.  Right now he’s only part time but in April he’s hopefully joining us full time.  We’re already seeing him produce work, even part time so that’s exciting! It means we can sneak in an extra feature each sprint!

So right, onto the good stuff.  The things that we’ve accomplished in the last 6 weeks!  Keep in mind not all of this is available to the public quite yet:

Things You Can Currently See

  • added new filter options on the babe page at  We added their career status (active, retired, deceased, unknown), their date of death and bra size.
  • we added more providers into the cam feature.  On top of this I have FreeOnes Cams and XLove Cams on the way to production, hopefully by Monday.
  • adding thumbnails to links in the links sections! This is also an ongoing process. At the moment we’re using machine learning to recognize faces and grab the image automatically but some linked pages just doesn’t have anything appropriate. So now we’re having to build a little tool that allows a human being to manually add thumbnail pictures. Again, this is a work in progress!
  • made some improvements to the babe dashboard and profile to make them look nicer.
  • you can now log into your account and see your account information. However, to edit it you will have to do that on the side right now. This is because the data only syncs from the old site to the new. This is also why we currently aren’t allowing registration on the beta site. If you try to log in, you may have issues. We are working with this and you’ll simply have to update your password.

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FreeOnes is Getting a New Website! Want to See It?

Monday, October 15th, 2018

Tired of the current FreeOnes site? Old design, slow, no new features, ect and so on? Well, we’re pretty tired of it as well! Guess what that means? FreeOnes is getting a completely new website!

Best of all, the new site is RESPONSIVE for easy viewing on your mobiles or tablets!

The Start of the All New FreeOnes

We have been planning on coding an entirely new FreeOnes for quite some time now and actually started last year by creating a brand new engine to run the site on.  Unfortunately, we ran into some hiccups and had to change programming teams in order to fit our needs.  This included a lot of refactoring (re-coding the code that was already created), changing the database structure and moving on from there.

Early this year (2018) we decided in order to move forward we would run the new site from the old CMS first.  Once all of the data from the old site is synced to the new site then we can start creating the tools we need to run the site from the new CMS.

Syncing Date from the Old Site to the New

Slowly since Q1, we have been syncing the data from the old site to the new.  Currently we have the following on

As of this post we’re working on syncing over user comments and favorites as well as pay site reviews.  We also are working on getting the site sections (babe sections w/o a biography such as this Met-Art amateurs section) put into something called Site Channels.

The Beta Version of the New Site is LIVE!

That’s right! The beta version of the new site is live! Go to and book mark the site!

I’m sure you’re wondering why we’re using .vg as the beta domain for the new site.  Well, first off this is a brand new site and it’s not 100% ready to be put on so it has to live somewhere.

We want google to index the page so we can see if changes we make influence the site’s ranking.  These are changes like URL structure, SEO (search engine optimization) type things, as well as new features.  Since we have something like 16 million pages already indexed with google, we really don’t want to screw with the .com site.

However, we have a lot of domains that don’t get a lot of visitors so we’re quite happy to open these unused domains to the public so we can try things.  If we screw it up, we can start over on a new domain.

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